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Corbyn, Cameron and ISIS: To bomb or not to bomb

Should Jeremy Corbyn win the Labour leadership election he can go part of the way to making amends for the left not supporting Cameron’s motion to Parliament of two years ago to take military action in Syria by not supporting Cameron’s far more serious and surely imminent motion seeking Parliamentary concensus to bomb ISIS in Syria.

Corbyn must not allow himself to be brow beaten into supporting such an action even if the Russians, Iran and Assad are on board and a UN Resolution is passed legalising it. But why if it was wrong to oppose illegal action two years ago would it be right to oppose legal action now?

Two years ago the action proposed was limited and in support of the areas liberated from Assad by the National Democratic Revolution that broke out in 2011. It amounted to placing a No Fly Zone over those areas to protect civilians and defenders against Assad’s tanks and barrell bombs which were killing thousands and driving millions into refugee camps. The No Fly Zone would have alllowed the rebels to consolidate, it would have ended the outpouring of people and it surely would have spelt the end of Assad at the hands of the people he still ruled over.

Cameron happily accepted the Parliamentary vote against his proposals. He was happy for Labour to take the blame for the continued mass murder in Syria and he was in any case on board with Obama’s new policy of rapprochment with Iran which involved not upsetting them or Russia over Syria and Assad. This decision closely followed by a similar one in the US Congress sparked a huge upping of the violence by Assad and also saw the bursting on to the Syrian scence of the fascist gangsters of ISIS which immediately began land-grabbing from the areas liberated from Assad by the revolution and killing democrats, revolutionaries, trades unionists, aid workers, intellectuals, community and tribal leaders wherever it went and imposing its fundamentalist version of Sharia Law.

The West’s illegal war in Iraq had sewn the ISIS seed where rather than fight the invaders they had instead sparked a vicious civil war whilst the West’s turning of its back on the Syrian Revolution despite years of sanctions to induce just such a thing was the manure it needed to fully germinate. So what is wrong with supporting air strikes in Syria against ISIS?

Certainly concern for their health and safety is not our motivation. No, now not only is the West no longer seen in Syria as opponents of Assad but more like his friends or certainly the friends of Iran whose proxy he has become. Up to now Western airforces have been supporting the Iranian-backed Iraqi Army and Iranian militias in Iraq and they have been extremely casual about civilian deaths whilst doing it. They are no longer seen as potential liberators in Iraq or Syria. If they push back ISIS the local populations currently suffering under their vicious tyranny will be looking at genocide at the hands of the equally violent Iranian militias and Assadist forces.

The refugee crisis will be taken up a further notch. Where ISIS is pushed back the people will flee or face certain death and where it is not the germinated seed will merely put down roots. No doubt the decsion to lift visa restrictions on asylum seekers that sparked the current mass evacuation is a prelude to air strikes against ISIS signalling the finalisation of the West’s rapprochment with Iran by taking the pressure of Assad and the neighbouring countries and the final dismemberment of the country by Iran, Turkey and anyone else who wants a slice including ISIS where they manage to cling on.

So, Corbyn should stand against any attempt at Parliamentary concensus aimed at launching a bombing campaign against ISIS in Syria even if UN-approved in favour of the imposition of a No Fly Zone across the whole of non-Asssad Syria and the proper funding of refugee camps in Syria’s neighbours from which the Syrian people can plot to retake their country.  Anything else is to boost fascism or reward tyranny.