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Scotland can do better than this lot

2016 Scottish Parliament Elections: A Manifesto for an Independent Scotland

People of Scotland. It has been nearly a year since we elected over fifty SNP MPs to the Westminster Parliament. Since then they have been ignored as a loose coalition of Labour and Tory MPs under Ed Milliband’s leadership voted to impose further swingeing austerity on Scotland and to re-new Trident against our wishes. The begging bowl tactics of the SNP have not worked. If the Labour MPs from Scotland who were part of a Westminster establishment party could not get a fair deal for Scotland and lost their seats as a result an outsider party was surely never going to be able to get blood out of the Westminster stone. It is time to call time on the Westminster Union and for Scotland to take its future into its own hands.

We do not want another referendum. If a majority for independence can be won in the Scottish Parliament then we must simply declare it. But it is no good taking this bold step armed only with the wooly populism of the SNP. A party prepared to declare Scotland independent must be armed with a radical programme of socialist measures that will make an independent Scotland the property of the Scottish working class majority to be run in the interests of society as a whole and not just a handful of self-serving elites who would make of it a tyranny.

The first priority is to establish a Peoples’ Bank of Scotland out of the bankrupt ruins of the defunct capitalist private finance sector. We must take the estates, deposits and staff of these bankrupts into administration and create with them a national bank with a monopoly of credit that can lend at base rate to small business and facilitate social investment in accordance with a democratic and environmentally sustainable plan.

Second we will socialise the means of production and exchange and replace shareholder and Old School Tie Network-imposed fat cat executives with managers and leaders elected by the workforce. We will end all anti-union legislation in Scotland and facilitate working class defence of demos, meetings, pickets and communities against state and fascist attack.
On this basis we will then establish a regime of full-employment by which every school and college leaver and unemployed worker who cannot find their own job are bought into the local workforce to share in the available productive work with each paid the minimum of a trades union living wage. Scotland will lead the struggle to end the scourge of capitalist unemployment and the achievement of a genuine work-life balance as the benefits of increased productivity accrue to the working class via an ever shortening working week rather than to a rich elite through unemployment.

We will of course defend all necessary and desirable public spending and pay for it through a sufficient and fair system of taxation.

Finally we will seek to replace the Westminster Union with a Federation of Sovereign Nations as we are confident England, Wales and Northern Ireland will also soon sever their links with the corrupt centre. We of course recognise that socialism cannot be built in one country but is the task of the working class internationally so we will seek like-minded regimes in Europe who will join us in a New European Union based in socialist principles such as Europe-wide full-employment, a Europe-wide living wage and a Europe-wide health service free at the point of delivery as opposed to the neo-liberal principles that are tearing capitalist Europe apart and threatening the re-emergence of old and murderous emnities. Our socialist Europe will seek a fundamentally different relationship with Africa and the Middle East based not on imperialism but co-development.

April 2016