How to get young people to register to vote

Brothers and Sisters. I will be standing for Parliament not because I believe in Parliament because I do not, it is a den of corrupted thieves serving not the people who elected them but themselves and the monied. No I will be standing in order to call for its abolition and for its transformation into London’s biggest Wetherspoons. I will be arguing for the Westminster Union of the elites to be replaced by a Federation of Sovereign British Nations and a new sovereign parliament for England in the Midlands or the North. I will be using the platform that I hope you will give me to agitate for an end to the bail out of the bankrupt banks. For their staff, estates and deposits to be taken into administration and used to form a new People’s Bank with a monopoly of credit so that the private financiers can never rip us off again. This bank will lend at base rate to small business and facilitate social investment in accordance with a democratic and environmentally sustainable plan. I shall also be arguing for a regime of full-employment by which all school and college leavers and unemployed workers who cannot find their own job are bought into the local workforce to share in the productive work with each paid the minimum of a trades union living wage. We must put an end to capital’s right and ability to maintain a reserve army of unemployed in misery and penury and we must begin the process of dramatically reducing the working week. I will demand the revoking of all anti-trades union legislation and for the proper funding of all necessary and desirable public spending through a fair system of taxation. I will stand for worker-elected managers and leaders to replace the Old School Tie Network or absentee shareholder-imposed fat cats that treat UK plc like a private trough. I will stand for the socialisation of the means of production and exchange. I will agitate for the formation of working class defences against state and fascist attacks on their communities, meetings, marches and picket lines. Finally I will champion the re-negotiating of the founding treaties of the EU in accordance with socialist principles including full-employment in every member state, and EU-wide living wage and an EU-wide health service free at the point of use. I will also call for a completely new relationship between Europe and Africa and the Middle East based not on imperialism but co-development and respect. I will of course represent the particular interests of my constituents to the fullest of my ability and will intervene on each and every political matter that arises nationally and internationally from the point of view of working people.


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