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Neo-Stalinism and the petty-bourgeois response

Was Hitlerism a mis-guided but understandable response to the Versailles treaty imposed on Germany following its defeat in World War One? Was Stalinism a legitimate reaction to imperialist containment? Was Zionism a proletarian reaction to the Holocaust? Why then are we supposed to swallow the notion that the petty-bourgeois gangsters of Islamism are responding in some kind of progressive way to racism in Europe and imperialist wars in Africa and the Middle East? The bogus anti-imperialism of the neo-Stalinists places it invariably on the side of the counter-revolution, on the side of petty-bourgeois movements that are supplementary to imperialism, the product of revolutionary failure and mortal enemies of the working classes. Let us remember that 99.999999 per cent of the vicitims of Islamism are ordinary African and Middle Eastern working class Muslims. But we should not be surprised by the counter-revolutionary duplicity of the neo-Stalinists who believe that the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists got what was coming to them because these same people backed the vicious Assad against the Syrian National Democratic Revolution as he hacked his way through the Syrian people. They cheered Congress and Parliament as they voted to turn their back on mass slaughtered and hailed their actions as a victory for anti-imperialism. In fact, they go much further. They actually back Russian imperialism against the Ukraine National Democratic Revolution and his support for fascist pro-Russian irregulars in the east of that country. Neo-Stalinism is a cancer in the socialist movement. Its response to collapsing capitalist globalisation as achieved behind the US imperialists is not to champion its transcending by world proletarian revolution, they would actually laugh at such a suggestion such is their cynicism, but to support the re-emergence of inter-imperialist rivalry between several major powers above the heads of the masses as a way of keeping the peace. This is why they invariably support reactionaries and it is why they will follow capitalism into a New Dark Ages as the film of globalisation unwinds. It is, as it was always predicted it would be, a straight choice between socialism or barbarism. Our Neo-Stalinist chums are choosing barbarism at every turn.